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to the moon Survival Guide

Pre-Flight and Flight Manuals

stay tuned for our latest TTM survival guide 

2023 Survival Guide

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Packing List Inspiration - by Greeters!

- tent

- sleeping bag/bedding

- clothes ( we are in Tennessee so we have to abide by Tennessee laws)

- food and water for the time you are here.

- a plate, fork, spoon, knife, and cup

- a comfy bag to carry all your things while you are ‘splorin

- gifts( the value in your gift incomes from you and can be what you chose)

- sunblock

- insect spray

- lube

- condoms

- some more water

- alcohol if you drink

- trash bags

- room in the car for your trash bags

- watch

- camp stove, coolers

- single dollars for ice/ the fire department boot drive.


- flashlights

- a container for cigarette butts.

- 1 ply toilet paper

-water shoes, day shoes, boots, and rain boots.

-3 pairs of good socks for each day, I recommend packing socks, and clothes in freezer bags.

- tools, tape,

- mallet

- rope to tie down tents &such

- hand sanitizer(lots of it)

- snacks

-soap/dish soap

-bucket for grey water

- pee jug (yup it’s jug to pee in, because you don’t really wanna camp near the Porto’s, and the grass isn’t your bathroom!)

- batteries all of them

- baby wipes

What not to bring


- pets

- bad attitudes

- glitter

- weapons

- glass

- glitter leave it at home

- drama unless it’s a drama camp

- politics

- have I said Glitter

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