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to the moon Survival Guide

Pre-Flight and Flight Manuals


2024 Survival Guide

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Flight Manual


Here’s everything you need to know about finding events, camps and art at To The Moon!


The App
To The Moon is in the dust app (which you can get at All the events, camps, art and map are available offline so you can turn on airplane mode and save battery. Any events you favorite will trigger a notification 15 minutes before the event starts.


Printable Guide

Prefer the feel of paper? You can get a printable event, camp and art guide as 19 glorious pages:


On The Web

Don’t trust Facebook, Apps, AI and Skynet? Go old school web style and try:


For Theme Camps

You can print your camp information and events (post it up in camp) by either clicking the share button in dust or clicking your camp in


Packing List Inspiration - by Greeters!

- tent

- sleeping bag/bedding

- clothes ( we are in Tennessee so we have to abide by Tennessee laws)

- food and water for the time you are here.

- a plate, fork, spoon, knife, and cup

- a comfy bag to carry all your things while you are ‘splorin

- gifts( the value in your gift incomes from you and can be what you chose)

- sunblock

- insect spray

- lube

- condoms

- some more water

- alcohol if you drink

- trash bags

- room in the car for your trash bags

- watch

- camp stove, coolers

- single dollars for ice/ the fire department boot drive.


- flashlights

- a container for cigarette butts.

- 1 ply toilet paper

-water shoes, day shoes, boots, and rain boots.

-3 pairs of good socks for each day, I recommend packing socks, and clothes in freezer bags.

- tools, tape,

- mallet

- rope to tie down tents &such

- hand sanitizer(lots of it)

- snacks

-soap/dish soap

-bucket for grey water

- pee jug (yup it’s jug to pee in, because you don’t really wanna camp near the Porto’s, and the grass isn’t your bathroom!)

- batteries all of them

- baby wipes

What not to bring


- pets

- bad attitudes

- glitter

- weapons

- glass

- glitter leave it at home

- drama unless it’s a drama camp

- politics

- have I said Glitter

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