Gate Hours, Re-Entry & Parking

Gate Hours

No driving in or out after dark. L.O.V.E. will shuttle some gear for you after dark, but come prepared to not set up until morning if you arrive after dark / gate. 

Wednesday 6.12.2019

12 -10pm EST | Theme Camp Early Entry Only w/ Pre-Registration 

Thursday 6.13.2019
10am -12am EST 

Friday 6.14.2019
10am - 8pm cars - 10pm people EST 
(1 Of 2 Temple Burns 

​Saturday 6.15.2019
10am - 6pm EST

​Sunday 6.16.2019
10am - 6pm EST (leaving only)

​Monday 6.17.2019
8am - 12pm EST (leaving only)
All participants must leave the grounds by noon Monday, June 5, unless prior approval has been granted with Theme Camp Late Departure. 


Gate is closed during and after Effigy & Temple Burn



All unused tickets are void after 6pm Saturday & the burn is closed for entry. 



The event ends at 11:59pm EST Sunday, June 16.  All participants are expected to leave by Monday, June 17th 12:00pm Noon EST.



(Re)-Entry Guidelines


  • No after-hours entry without pre-arranged permission.

  • Arriving outside of these hours will result in being turned away at the gate, and waiting at the property for the gate to open will not be permitted.

  • We understand that many of you travel long distances so if this presents a problem for for you, email us plenty in advance at so we can look at options

  • For the safety of other patrons and to preserve the integrity of the experience, NO coming & going at leisure is allowed after checking

  • Exiting & returning To The Mooon are reserved for Medical & Emergency reasons only and must be communicated to & cleared by Gate Lead prior to leaving

  • If you forget something and need to "make a run to the store", talk to a team / event  / gate lead and we can grant Re-Entry if you combine your trip with one beneficial To The Moon and the community at large

  • Other than that, please refrain from leaving and returning at leisure as you may not be able to get in

Thank you for understanding!