To file an incident report with TouchBass (TTM Umbrella Organization) please complete and submit the following form which is intended to collect information and details about possible conduct (and other) violations within our community and events, To The Moon in particular.
This form will serve as records kept and aid in any potential followup and investigation, should they become necessary. Anonymous reports cannot be followed up on, neither can 3rd Party Reports (meaning a report filed on someone else's behalf) but will be kept for potential future cross reference (or to establish potential pattern).
All reports will be received by the BOD. Once an adequate investigation has taken place, the BOD will discuss necessary actions.

Important to remember:

Reports can only be submitted by someone directly harmed in the action- third parties are not able to report for others because we need explicit consent to investigate by the wronged person.

The BOD only has power to act in response to incidents which took place within an TouchBass LLC event, on official social media pages, or by named Team Leads.