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To The Moon Code of Conduct Committee

What is the CoCC?

The To The Moon CoCC (Code of Conduct Committee) was established April 2021 to give a safe platform for community members to come and confidentially submit any concerns within the community regarding threats or acts of violence, theft, consent and boundary violations, abuse of power, or other serious issues that are a violation of the Code of Conduct. In order to make our community and events safer and more transparent, in 2016 the BOD members of  To The Moon developed a Code of Conduct, which guides the CoCC in it’s exploration. The grounding three “C’s” of the CoCC include community safety, confidentiality, and communication. The CoCC takes these three C’s seriously. The BoD is provided only the most relevant and necessary information when a Recommendation of Action to consider is made by the CoCC. Submission reports from the community and the CoCC’s working documents are stored off-server and provided to those in leadership on a need-to-know basis.


Some of the CoCC’s responsibilities entail:

  • Exploring / investigating details of a situation given to us, with full documentation

  • Presenting the information to the TTM Board of Directors when appropriate

  • At times, we may provide a Recommendation of Action that the BOD may want to consider, however the decision of any possible action taken is ultimately up to the BOD


Some of our background experience includes being both current and former burn BoD members or Event Lead members for multiple burns (though none of us are currently on the BoD or ELs for TTM). We are or have also been team leads for several years at multiple burns. Various members of the CoCC have backgrounds in counseling, coaching, drug abuse rehabilitation, and conflict resolution.


Collectively the members of the CoCC have been in the burn community for a long time, and have had experience on multiple levels of volunteer involvement. We represent a diverse background, both in our burn lives and personal lives. While many of you may be familiar with at least one of us, we wish to remain as anonymous as possible while in this role, for multiple reasons. One being that we do not wish to be treated differently, and another being that we take this role seriously and wish to remain as neutral as possible. 


The CoCC is here to serve the community, so use us! <3 <3 <3

To The Moon Code of Conduct Committee Report Form

To the Moon CoCC Membership Interest Form


1. Why do we need a Code of Conduct & Code of Conduct Committee (“CoCC”)?

The Code of Conduct was written to establish clear guidelines for ethical, responsible conduct of everyone in the To The Moon Community. The CoCC was established to give a safe platform to community members to come and confidentially submit any concerns within the community regarding threats or acts of violence, theft, consent violations, abuse of power, or other serious issues that are a violation of the Code of Conduct.


2. Who can report a problem?

Anyone who was directly affected by or witnessed behavior that was dangerous or harmful to you or others. While we will document and keep the information on file for secondhand and thirdhand reports, we might not be able to always take action on a report unless it’s firsthand.


3. Do I have to identify myself in order to use the incident report form?

While we sincerely appreciate when you do, we do not require that you have to identify yourself to make a report. Anonymous reports will always be documented, most won't end up resulting in a Recommendation of Action (RoA) to the BOD because we often have follow-up questions that we’re then unable to get answered from an anonymous report. The CoCC does however still reserve the right to conduct an investigation and anonymous report when warranted.


4. How can my confidentiality be ensured throughout this process?

The CoCC will at all times ensure that all reports received are dealt with in the strictest confidence. Adequate measures have been taken to guarantee that the identity of the (form filler outer) remains confidential and that it is not disclosed to the accused party. However, it may at times be necessary to disclose the identity of the person making the report to other persons involved in the investigations or in any administrative procedures initiated as a result. 


Reports are made via a secure Google Drive form that is stored off of the main TTM server that only the CoCC has access to. There is one designated BOD Liaison that participates in CoCC meetings but does not participate in investigations or CoCC votes. If a full investigation is done, culminating in the CoCC making a Recommendation of Action (RoA) to the BoD, relevant details to support the RoA will be supplied at that time. Any details of a sensitive matter that are deemed irrelevant to the reasoning for the RoA will be left out. The Event Leads (ELs) are notified if there is concern regarding something that might affect on-site event safety.

5. What sort of problem can I report?

Any behavior or pattern of behavior that you feel is unsafe or harmful to you or others, makes you feel afraid or threatened, or could endanger To The Moon’s ability to safely continue to hold events.


6. How do I report a problem?

At any time you can file an incident report via the TTM CoCC incident report form. 


7. What will happen if I make a report?

The CoCC meets monthly when there are no active cases/investigations, and more often as needed when there are incidents reported. We actively monitor our email and incident reporting feedback form though so if something that comes in is urgent and needs attention before we open our next scheduled meeting then we will call an emergency meeting and address it. The person who submitted the incident will be contacted in a timely manner. This said you can expect to hear back from the CoCC after submitting an incident report form within the time frame of 1-5 weeks, depending on urgency. 

If the report is for a document only report then we may or may not contact you to follow up with any additional questions. If the report asks for ((action/investigation)) then we will reach out to you and begin the follow up process. The CoCC will gather information about the incident, potentially talk with people involved as needed, and present the relevant details and suggest (a) course(s) of action to be taken to the BOD. The BOD is responsible for making any final action decisions.

8. What are some outcomes that could happen from my report?

The CoCC is mainly an investigatory team. We take reports, look at the full picture, and consider if that person or person’s actions were in line with the TTM Code of Conduct. We then make a recommendation to the TTM Board of Directors as to 1) did this person violate the Code of Conduct? 2) Will this person’s actions be any type of threat to the safety of the event? 3) Will this person’s continued participation at the event impact the trust that the community holds in leadership? 4) Will this person’s continued participation in the community impact TTM’s ability to continue holding an event?


It is important to note that while the CoCC may make a recommendation, in the end, the Board of Directors decides the final course of action, if any.

Any further questions? Please email us at

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