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2024 Ticket Sale Info

To the Moon: Into the Eye will be held at Catoosa Event Center from June 20-24, 2024.

We are shifting to a new ticketing system, designed by a burner FOR burns! Ticketing, Waivers, and Volunteer sign-ups will now all go through our Volunteeripate system. 


Ticket Sale Information:

Early Bird Tickets/DGS for Returning Theme Camps/Volunteer Appreciation Tickets:

$145 + 9.75% sales tax ($159) on sale Thursday, 2/22 at 2:22 pm CST


Main Ticket Sale:

$160 + 9.75% sales tax ($176) on sale Thursday 3/14 at 1:59 pm CDT


Kids tickets will be available to purchase with all of the sales

Ages 0-4: Free

Ages 5-17: $60 + 9.75% sales tax ($66)


You might have noticed that the prices for tickets increase with each ticket sale, this is because we would really like to encourage you to get your tickets early! This allows us to ensure that our artists, vendors, and volunteer teams have everything they need as early as possible to create our wonderful event! We have also included the cost of ticketing fees in the ticket cost this year, so that it is easier for participants to budget for actual ticket costs beforehand.


Pickle Ticket Applications are now CLOSED! If you are experiencing financial hardship which would keep you from being able to participate, please fill out the following form to request a scholarship ticket for $60 (fees included). 




go eat a pickle...

Volunteeripate Information


The Board of Directors is excited to announce that we are moving to a new online system for ticketing, volunteer sign-ups, and waivers. Volunteeripate is a website designed by a burner FOR burns, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to support a community member who has put a lot of effort into creating a system that takes into account the specific needs of organizing a burn!


So the first big change: every participant will have to create a free profile on Volunteeripate at in order to purchase/obtain/have a ticket for To the Moon 2024, to sign up for volunteer shifts, and to complete their waiver for the event. It is important that participants sign up with their legal name on Volunteeripate, as the name on your identification will be matched against your profile at the gate. There is also a section to enter a burner or preferred name for communications, the only people who will see your legal name are gate volunteers doing check-ins, and possibly safety personnel during the burn. 


This means that each ticket is connected to a specific participant. When you print out your QR code (from “Your Account” on the green dropdown Menu in Volunteeripate), it will take the gate volunteer to your Volunteeripate profile where they will verify that you are ticketed and have signed your waiver before checking you in. The name on your ID MUST MATCH the name on your profile.


You will still be able to purchase up to 4 adult tickets in one transaction. After you receive your tickets, you will be able to transfer tickets to other participants via email address, which will prompt the new participant to create a Volunteeripate account if they don’t already have one, in order to accept the ticket transfer. The receiver of the ticket will have 72 hours to accept the ticket transfer, else it will revert to the original ticket owner. 


During the checkout process, you will be given the opportunity to register minors under your profile and request kids tickets. Once registration is complete, you will be able to share responsibility for your minors with another parent or guardian by connecting the kids to both profiles. 


You CANNOT transfer a ticket by printing out a QR code from your account and selling the piece of paper. All ticket transfers must be processed through Volunteeripate. To the Moon and Volunteeripate are not responsible for the exchange of money once the initial ticket sale has taken place, all money transfers must be handled by the participants. Keep in mind that To the Moon is a rain or shine event, there are no refunds and all ticket sales are final.


We will still utilize the facebook group: To the Moon Ticket & Rideshare Group for after-sale ticket purchase and gift connections. The process for selling/buying a ticket from another participant will look like this:


1.  A buyer and seller find one another and agree to the transfer/sale/gift/etc. Tickets should never be sold for more than face value!


2.  The seller will initiate the ticket transfer by going to “Ticket Transfer” from the drop-down menu, then assigning the ticket to a new email address. The seller should transfer the ticket to the buyer before payment


3.  The buyer/receiver will have 72 hours to accept the ticket transfer, either from the email invitation or by logging into their Volunteeripate account and accepting the offer.


4.  After accepting the transfer, the buyer should pay the seller the agreed amount (no more than face value for the ticket).


5.  Once accepted, the transferred ticket may not be re-transferred for 48 hours.


6.  If for some reason the buyer does not follow through with payment, the seller can contact us at to cancel the ticket transfer. 


7.  If the ticket offer is not accepted by the buyer/receiver, the ticket will revert back to the seller after 72 hours.


This might seem like extra hoops to jump through, but we believe that this process is going to protect our participants from bad actors who in the past have tried to scam burners by selling the same ticket multiple times. This way, each ticket is connected to one person.


Please follow this link to create your profile!

If you have any questions, please email us at


  • This is a Rain OR Shine Event - No Refunds!

  • Children 4 years and under are free 

  • Invites will NOT be available at the gate 

  • To The Moon is capped at 1500 participants, based on volunteer capacity

  • Day Passes are NOT available - only full Weekend Invites 

  • Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian

  • Children 5 - 17 years of age need to obtain a kid's invite for $60, Children 4 and under are free

  • You must create a free Volunteeripate account to buy/have a ticket for To the Moon - your ticket will be attached to your account and the name on your ID must match the legal name on Volunteeripate

  • Parents / Guardians will need to sign a waiver for any minors under their care at the gate and register their children under the Parent/Guardian's Volunteeripate account

  • NO Refunds or Exchanges will be given - if you can't attend, you are responsible for rehoming your invite. Ticket transfers can be initiated through Volunteeripate and the recipient has 72 hours to accept the transfer. To the Moon and Volunteeripate are not responsible for fund transfers, participants must work out payments privately

  • Never pay or charge more than face value for a ticket, we reserve the right to cancel tickets that have been sold/purchased above face value

  • Service Animals will be allowed onsite once identified as a Service Animal

  • Catoosa Event Center has a strict NO PET policy. If you arrive with a pet you will be turned away and no refund will be given 

  • The following items are not not permitted at To the Moon: firearms, fireworks, illegal substances, drones, weapons


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