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We are very excited to announce that our theme for 2018 has been selected. It is "eleMENTAL"! We believe that this theme is going to be so much fun to play with, to make art with, and to celebrate. Earth, Fire, Water, and Air are always celebrated on our little slice of paradise in Sneedville, TN at To The Moon! And we are always just a little mental, at least... ;-) 

Air moves us
Fire transforms us
Water shapes us
Earth heals us
We chose the theme this year as a reflection of the pieces of our environment we harness to create.
An eleMENTAL homage in the form of our collaborative creations as a growing lunar community this year at Spirit Crossing. 
To The Moon 2018 will embrace all the elements coming together to generate an experience of synergy and expression. The moon controls the tides, the very water which we are blessed to share our space with at Spirit Crossing. 
This year we want to bring more conscious energy to the pristine Clinch River and the access we are lucky to play in.
The fire experienced at this burn is unequaled and is the reason we gather. We walk upon the earth as stewards of creation and protect the sovereignty with which we were trusted in this spectacular setting at Spirit Crossing.
The clear air swirls with as us as we dance into the sunrise.
This weekend will be a complete experience where we touch and shape ourselves and our surroundings with the help of each ELEMENT, reflected within and expressed through us and the art we share. 
“ ….we are all little MENTAL here.”....
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