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To The Moon 2018 AfterBurn Report

Event Organization


To The Moon is hosted under the newly founded umbrella company TouchBass LLC, formed in May of 2016. To The Moon takes place at Spirit Crossing, Sneedville TN, owned by Wesley Teregan.


TouchBass LLC serve as a platform for this and other burn-related, not for profit events which will be designed to foster community, knowledge sharing, environmental initiatives etc. The LLC will eventually incorporate and become a 501c3 Non-Profit, with focus on protecting critical and indigenous habitat, people and species.


All monies raised / left over from event are held by TouchBass LLC for To The Moon exclusively with not one single Board Member having control over the funds alone.


Event Leadership Structure


President: ​Andrea Kerns (Gem) 

Vice President:​ Gabrielle Stewart (Golden Snail)

Treasurer:​ Brad Tomlinson (Bradass)

Secretary: Ashley Abbot Maynard (Bones)
Community Outreach: Tonya Weisenseel (Dusty Lashes) 


During TTM 2018:

To The Moon Event Leadership is comprised of a BOD which during event consisted of

President: ​Andrea Kerns (Gem) 

Vice President:​ Gabrielle Stewart (Golden Snail)

Treasurer:​ Brad Tomlinson (Bradass)

Secretary: Willow Gaia

Newly elected BOD member, Ashely Abbott Maynard joined this year and as of September 2018, Dusty Lashes is the newest appointed member.  

Event Invite Details
900:  Total Capacity

617:  Adult Invites Sold           

  16:  Child Invites Sold  

200:  Directed Group Invites Sold (Art Grants / Team Leads Theme Camps /  in good standing)               

  25:  Leadership Exchange Invites sold

  20:  Land tickets issued 

  23:  Pickle tickets 

901 Invites Issued total 

881 Invites Sold total 


To The Moon sold out of invites all three years.


Other Event Details

Incident Reports:   4

Noise Complaints:  2


Event Team Leadership


Event Leads: 

Event Lead: Gabrielle Stewart / Andrea Kerns 

Co-Leads: Ben Bjostad / Willow Gaia 

Financials: Brad Tomlinson

Volunteer Coordinator:

Lead: Tonya Weisenseel (Dusty Lashes)

Co-Lead:: Julie Reach

Co-Lead: CeCe Hue (Platinum)

Lead: Mandy Kees

Co-Lead: Caleb Ditchfield


Lead: Ashley Maynard Abbott

Co-Lead: Alicia Westbrook (Alley Hoops)



Kimberly Lindemann (Jade)

Co-Lead: Ian Brinn (Little Buddy)

Tbase Sanctuary / 1st Aid: 

Lead: Ann Grens (Mango) 
Co-Lead: Jo Herrera

Co-Lead: Stan Davis


Lead: Don Coleman (Runs With Scissors) FB Joe Smithers

Co-Lead: Alan Huskey (Weatherman)

Co-Lead: Eli Anderson (Fragile Turtle)


Lead: Evans Manrique

Co-Lead: Cyrus Nakhjavan
Co-Lead: Jack Holloway



Lead: Awno Ka

Co-Lead: Rebecca Johnson

Co-Lead: Niki Austin

Fire Safety:

Lead: Vicki Coleman (Critter)

Co-Lead: James Raley (Robin Souls)

Co-Lead: Alyshia Davis (SecoriaDaKitten)


Lead: Ben Bjostad 

Conclave / Fire Prop Safety:

Lead: Gabrielle Stewart 
Co-Lead: Alley Hoops 


Sound / Theme Camp Placement:

Lead: Brad Tomlinson

Temple Build:

Lead: Michael Luber

Co-lead: Matthew Blake Horner

Effigy Build:

Lead: Ezra Bowers

Co-Leads: Josh Boyer 


Lead: Christine Dourmelin

Co-Lead: Kirsten Peirera

Ticketing / Web / Social Media:
Lead: Andrea Kerns

Co-Lead: Gabrielle Stewart

Art Department:

Lead: Katie Miller (Creamy)

Co-Lead: KT Wiles










































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