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Department of Mutant Vehicles

Welcome to the DMV :: If you'd like to stand in line for sake of sweet nostalgia, feel free... but it's not going to get you anywhere - If you'd like to bring your wheels To The Moon - go ahead and click on the button above to register your Art Car or Mutant Vehicle for moon travel by May 31, 2024 ::


Catoosa is lined with solid cart paths and the size of our new property is perfect for some mobile parties and transportation! TTM is an excellent venue for Mutant Vehicles! Tons of paved golfcart paths and accessibility all around the burn field and down to the lake! Bring the wheels! We are also opening up the lake for Art Boats!! (daytime only) :: Float & Roll with us on the moon this year!! 🌙

Level of alteration 
The register vehicle can no longer be recognizable as a truck / car / golf cart / lawnmower - meaning throwing a tarp over it does not qualify as an art car.   The alteration must be so that it transforms the vehicle into something completely new and creative. Vehicles that live in Theme Camps are asked to be altered but only the vehicles that will be moving need to go through this permitting process.


Design your art car with safety in mind, yours and that of other participants who may ride on your vehicle.


Got Fire?

In addition to the registration form below, please also complete the Companion Fire Art Form and become one with the Fire Effects Guidelines.


Be sure to provide adequate lighting for your art car during the evening to make you visible at all times.


Make plans to follow sound guidelines for your vehicle if you plan on adding sound to it


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