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To The Moon 2019 AfterBurn Report

Event Organization


To The Moon is hosted under the newly founded umbrella company TouchBass LLC, formed in May of 2016. To The Moon takes place at Spirit Crossing, Sneedville TN, owned by Wesley Teregan.


TouchBass LLC serve as a platform for this and other burn-related, not for profit events which will be designed to foster community, knowledge sharing, environmental initiatives etc. The LLC will eventually incorporate and become a 501c3 Non-Profit, with focus on protecting critical and indigenous habitat, people and species.


All monies raised / left over from event are held by TouchBass LLC for To The Moon exclusively with not one single Board Member having control over the funds alone.


Event Leadership Structure


President: ​Gem | Andrea Kerns

Vice President:​ Nectar | Gabrielle Stewart

Treasurer:​ Bradass | Brad Tomlinson

Secretary: Bones | Ashley Maynard
Community Outreach: Dusty Lashes | Tonya Weisenseel


Event Invite Details

To The Moon, East Tennessee’s Regional Sanctioned Burning Man event was held June
13th - June 16th, 2019, at Spirit Crossing, Sneedville TN. The event was capped at 1111
this year (increase of 200 from last year) and was sold out.

Ticket price:
 $77.77 adult (18+)
 $33.33 child (5-12)
 $55.55 child (13-17)
 $33.33 Pickle Tickets

1111:  Total Capacity

592:  Adult Invites Sold           

  24:  Child Invites Sold
  17:  Core Build Crew (DPW/Temple/Effigy)

280:  Directed Group Invites Sold (Art Grants / Team Leads Theme Camps /  in good standing)  

  20:  Flash Sale (Unclaimed DGS invites)

  15:   Hero Tickets (2018 critical vols)

 111:   Mystery Presale Invites           

  10:  Team Leadership Invites

  20:  Pickle tickets 

1081 Total Invites Sold (~8 donations)

1131  Total Attendance


To The Moon sold out of invites all FOUR years.


Event Team Leadership


Event Leads:
Vicki (Critter) Coleman / Charlotte, NC
Ann Grens (Mango) Michigan
Ben Bjostad (Cheesepants) / Charlotte, NC

Current BOD:
Gabrielle Stewart (Nectarine) / Knoxville, TN
Brad Tomlinson (Bradas*) / Knoxville, TN
Ashley Abbott (Bones) / Knoxville, TN
Dusty Lashes (Dusty Lashes) / Nashville, TN
Andrea Kerns (Gem, Semi-Precious) / Knoxville, TN

Dusty Lashes was appointed to the BOD as fifth member fall of 2018.
• Bylaws to address BOD / Organizational / internal governance have been completed
and two attorneys were put on retainer for 2019.
• We are in the process of securing dates for To The Moon 2020, most likely June 14-
June 17 th .

• Projects in the pipeline to participate in this year are potentially


  •  Early Spring Town-Hall

  •  We plan to apply for 2020 Sanctioning after Burning Man 2020

  • We plan to host a Burn Leadership Retreat in the spring of 2020 to include

critical safety team training close to Knoxville / Nashville / Chattanooga

           -TouchBass LLC will host this event at no or minimal cost to

           -The goal is to strengthen our critical team volunteer basis which
             may be intimidating to some by having to attend training onsite.


Screenshot_2019-11-17 Financial To The M
Screenshot_2019-11-17 Financial To The M
Screenshot_2019-11-17 Financial To The M

Extracurricular TouchBass LLC Activities


  • October – Present
    TouchBass LLC BOD members have been an active part of BM Local Leadership Gathering Organizers Conference calls (with GLC cancelled) and been invited to partake in every aspect of the SE Roundtable from venue selection to content development.


  • December 2018
    TouchBass LLC in conjunction with Headroom (local Theme / Sound Camp collective, led by Brad Tomlinson, Effigy Lead and BOD member) hosted a post conference gathering which was open to the public and encouraged patrons of the venue to mingle with us and learn more about burner ethos and local and regional burn culture.


  • March 2018
    TouchBass LLC continued to work on our Burners Without Borders Civic Engagement Grant project by hosting our “Grow with the Flow” event where we planted 2 native Moonglow Pear Trees at the Sneedville Community Center to beautify a public space and enrich the locals with a taste of homegrown pears!


  • April 2019
    Three TTM BOD members and a few Event Leads traveled to Atlanta to participate in SERT and learn more about how to bring burner ethos into daily living in the default world. 


  • April 2019
    TTM hosted our annual fundraiser, “Wonders of the Lost Labyrinth” at a local community center.  We raised money for art, mingled, and educated participants on TTM and burner principles.  


  • July 2019
    2 BOD members and the event’s landowner attended the 1st Sneedville City Council meeting post burn to discuss the reputation of the event and ways to support and enrich the local community.    


  • August 2019
    Two out of Five To The Moon BOD members will head to Burning Man together to collectively learn, participate and get inspired by TTITD.




Event specific

  • Total attendees: 1131

  • Total land used: 60 acres of 135

  • Theme camps: 66

  • Art Installations: 

  • Incident reports: 2 (post event) 

  • Total medic transports: 2

  • Event evictions: 1

Outside (during) event

  • DUI checkpoints:

    • From June 12-16, the Hancock Co. Sheriff’s Department participated with the Governor’s Highway Safety Office in conducting several checkpoints throughout Hancock County. Assisting in the efforts were members of Sheriffs Offices in Hawkins, Claiborne, and Greene counties, and the Tennessee Highway Patrol. As a result of the checkpoints, numerous citations were issued, according to Hancock County Sheriff Department, including:

      • 25 registration violation citations

      • 12 Financial Responsibility citations

      • 7 drivers license violation citations

      • 11 drug citations

      • 12 drug paraphernalia citations

      • 1 speeding citation

      • 1 seatbelt citation

      • 1 open container citation

      • 1 other moving violation citation

    • Several arrests were also made at the checkpoints, including:

      • 12 drug arrests

      • 2 DUI arrests

      • 1 Driving on Revoked arrest

      • 1 Public Intoxication arrest

    • To the best of our knowledge, only 5 of those arrests were non-local people and at least three of those 5 arrested were released and able to attend the event. 


In Conclusion:

This has been the most successful year to date, not because of the number of attendees or dollars generated, but by being the safest and smoothest event of the four years, even with the increase in law enforcement, in addition to having the largest number of art installations and them camps to date, including large scale art


The willingness of the Board of Directors, Event Leads/Co-Leads, Team Leads, volunteers and participants to think critically, listen actively, and work creatively, has allowed this fledgling burn to solidify its place on the map for a sanctioned Burning Man event.  We have begun expanding our teams and considering all advice from those with more experience, while maintaining the essence and personality of The Moon. 


We strive to open ourselves up to healthy, sustainable growth and continue to create amazing potential for our little burn on the banks of the Clinch River in Sneedville, TN.


Advocates in the local community have started dialogue with us and we hope to utilize their voices to foster many more great relationships with the local community to familiarize themselves with our event and ethos. 

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