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2024 bod / elt applications

LeaderSHIFTS are a part of growth of our magical moon family & this year we are opening up applications to fill some important spots to continue this launch into our New Moon Era!


This is a high level position requiring expanded time commitments, leadership qualities, communication skills, organization skills, commitment to monthly meetings, ability to balance action items and default life, love and passion for Moon Burn Culture and continuing the cosmic vision & values.



This is a high level position requiring extensive on-site commitments and presence, management and communications with teams and leads, ability to work with the collective, confidence in decision making that reflects the burn as a whole and its safety, ability to problem solve and create solutions when needed during the event, commitment to meetings pre-burn and attendance or support for work weekends, love and passion for Moon Burn Culture, golf carts & radios, and exhibition of inspired leadership.

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