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We have few rules and kindly ask you to follow them, for your safety and those around and with you.  

Look at them as a compass to orient yourself by while drifting in the orbit of this event. 


Safety is our #1 concern and breaching perimeter is the most SERIOUS safety offense we will handle swiftly, with Law Enforcement if necessary.
Once again for those in the back: 



NO Handheld Lasers
They have become too powerful to be deemed safe. Please don't bring them.


No Car Camping 

*Except in the designated RV and open camping area near Parking
After checking in at the Greeter Station, you will be directed to unload your gear and then park your vehicle in the designated parking area, away from camping and event areas.  
Only registered Art Cars, hybrid vehicles registered as generators (must be disguised and pimped out) or those needed by handicapped participa
nts can stay with you at your campsite (must be covered up and decorated as well. They can't be driven during the event (with the exception of registered art cars)


Sound Policy

2024 Catoosa/To the Moon Sound Policy


1.  Sound camps must follow requests from the placement team on sound placement/direction.  We will work this out before the event so you know where to point your speakers, and will help on-site if you need it.


2.  Sound camps must abide by all requests from rangers and the Event Leads on sound levels throughout the event, regardless of time of day.


3. Amplified Sound Hours:

Wednesday: Amplified music starts 7am - Ends 12am

Thursday: Amplified music starts 7am - Ends 12am

Friday: Amplified music starts 7am - Ends 3am Saturday 

Saturday:  Amplified music starts 7am - Ends 3am Sunday 

Sunday: Amplified music starts 12pm Ends 12am


4. All sound systems must be permanently shut down by midnight on Sunday night.


5.  Repeated violations of any of these rules or repeated complaints from rangers or event leads will result in the sound system being shut down for the remainder of the event.


TN Nudity Laws

​Although held on private property, TN Nudity Laws still apply.  To The Moon is an all ages event so please plan on wearing pasties, bikinis, loincloths, etc.



ADA camping area: flat area near critical infrastructure and ADA portos; participants may pre-register to ensure placement


Helping Hands: Volunteers to help ADA campers set up and tear down their personal camps


Service Animal Registration: form to pre-register service animals to ensure a quick and easy entry at gate


Shuttle System: We are expanding the shuttle service, including extended hours (at least until sound cut-off each night), adding shuttle stops with shade, seating, and signage, and providing Mobility Priority wristbands to participants who pre-register or request from the Accessibility team on site. 

To register for any and all of these services, participants just need to log into their Volunteeripate account and choose “Permits and Applications” from the green dropdown menu. From there, the Service Animal Registration and Accessibility Request Forms are available to communicate needs to the Accessibility Team.

Pets / Service Animals 


😿 🙀 🙉

Only working service animals are allowed on The Moon. No other animals may be brought or kept on the event premises.

➽ Therapy animals

➽ Emotional support animals

➽ Personal pets

➽ Service Animals in training 

➽ Companion / Comfort animals

>>>>>> ARE NOT working service animals and are NOT permitted!

You and your pet will be turned away at the gate! 


Service animals are defined as dogs (or other animals) that are

⇨ individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities.

➥ Service animals must remain leashed, with the person bringing it and under control at all times. Participants are asked not to approach service animals or distract them without their handler's express permission, as they are working to keep their person safe.


If you require a service animal to fully access the event, please inform us by filling out the Service Animal Registration form on Volunteeripate, so that we can work with you to ensure comfort level for you and your service animal.

This is a closed event not open to the public and as such does not allow pets.

Under the ADA, we comply with allowing working service animals as needed due to disability.



Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. If they cause problems during the event which lead to possible safety issues or are a severe nuisance to others, we may ask you to remove the offending minor, possibly your entire camp. Minors are NOT allowed to use, play with, operate nor hold fire, fire props, fire effects and pyro, including poofers.  



​No vending, selling or promoting is allowed at the event. Bring all food, water and supplies you need for the duration of the event 


Ice will be the ONLY item available for purchase on site. 



Fireworks and effects are not allowed



No open ground and / or unattended fires. Use fire bowls or barrels at least 6 inches above the ground! Fire effects must be registered with Theme Camps / Art Installations only please. 


Re-Entry Prohibited Unless 

  • for medical reasons

  • prior arrangements have been made

  • another invite is purchased 

  • Gate hours will be strictly adhered to unless prior arrangements have been made with event lead and / or property owner 


Porta - Potties
They are for human waste only - please use one-ply tp only. Good porta-potty etiquette includes always putting the seat lid down so that the venting can work properly.


Respect The Neighbors
Please respect the land, obey the speed limits and be courteous to those around you.


Please respect the right of others who may not wish to be photographed. Ask PERMISSION! If you see someone with a green wristband, that is a NO PHOTO policy indicator. 
Do not take pictures or video of participants wearing them! 


.... is not to be taken for granted.  Ask PERMISSION.

Water Safety

  • Children under 13 must wear a flotation device. 

  • Children under 13 must wear water shoes (water shoes are highly recommended for Anyone for added safety and traction)

  • All minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian when in the water. 

  • Anyone caught committing the below two actions will be ejected from the burn immediately: 
– No jumping or diving off the bank into the lake. – No swimming after dark

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