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Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.

William Butler Yeats


Fire has shaped the course of human history. People are drawn to the flames. Fire is the bringer of light, and the bringer of darkness, and must be respected.

You are drawn here because you are drawn to the fire. Here, we honor the fire, but we also respect its beauty and its chaotic, destructive nature.


Fire Safety is here to help you experience the fire as safely as possible.


Fires Out of Place

No fire of any kind will be allowed in the woods.


Fires must be attended, and must be in containers that prevent damage to the ground, such as burn barrels (raised on blocks)or fire bowls. No ground fires are allowed. For the safety of all participants, any unattended fires will be extinguished.


Please do not bring open flame torches to use as path lights or around your camp.

If you see a fire that is not attended, or a fire has gotten out of control, and you don’t feel comfortable dealing with it, please immediately notify a Ranger or Fire Safety member.


Perimeter/Art Burns

We respect the fire by honoring the perimeters at art burns, such as Effigy or Temple. The perimeter is held by volunteers who are giving up their chance to watch the fire, in order to help keep you safe. Honor the perimeter and the volunteers holding it for you. If you attempt to breach this perimeter, you may become injured and/or you may be removed from the event.


Fire Performance

Fire performance must happen ONLY in the main, open field, or in designated areas in the water. Fire performers must be relatively sober, and must have a spotter. They must be in fire performance-appropriate clothing. All fuel used must be stored CLOSED, and a safe distance away from any fire performance. Fire performers must spin off using a spin off bucket or other similar method, in order to LNT and for the safety of observers. Please do not spin off directly onto the ground!

Fire Art


Please pre-register all fire art with the Fire Safety Team by emailing the details of your project to: The Fire Safety Team will perform inspections of all fire art. No fire art may be used until inspections have been done, and the Fire Safety Team gives you your permit.


Fire Safety Team

If you would like to participate with To the Moon’s Fire Safety Team, please join the Facebook group: 

We are looking to train people to take over the team for next year, so please speak up if you want to learn how to safely play with fire! The Fire Safety Team has three departments: a) the burn down team, which handles all art burns; b) fire art team, which handles fire art inspections and permits; and c) dirt patrols, which handle wandering the burn to ensure that people are spinning safely, and that there are no ground fires, etc. 

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