Registered Theme & Sound Camps 2018
  1. 3rd Aid
    Usual fair of massage and action hippy repair, along with a hot shower potentially available for supervised use.

  2. Acrodesiac Lunartics
    Learn to Fly on the Moon! Knoxville's AcroYoga Community is bringing all things Acro & Yoga to the Moon. We are back with our large circus tent & thick gymnastic mats to offer shade (& protection from the rain!) & a place to play. In honor of our Solar Nature, we are offering morning yoga classes, daily AcroYoga & Flow Jams, & hosting a Body Work & Desserts event. Celebrating the Lunar aspects of the practice, we are offering a separate Massage tent with a table & mediation space. Celebrating the Lunar aspects of the practice, we are offering a separate Massage tent where we will have a massage table, lights, blankets, and even a meditation space and alter for those who need some grounding and soul searching time.

  3. Alcoholic Alliterators
    We are the Alcoholic Alliterators. Accurately accentuating acts of awesome, We willfully welcome weary wanderers from near and far to come and convene with us for comradery and convoluted collaborations of colorful consonants. We shall also Have a bar, full of secretly skillful sipping-liquids, run by the Whiskey Wizard and Alley Hoops! Where you can come and bring the commutative calamity of colorful conversations. Will will be spontaneously offering butt prints throughout the event as well as a totwaffle and pancock sunday brunch.

  4. As Above So Below
    A journey through the first-hand experience of air. We will be a relaxed, family friendly camp of parachute (air) enthusiasts. We are offering icy, fruity smoothies and a chill spot under a real parachute canopy to relax and reconnect. And we will be jumping into the event Friday if that works for you all.

  5. Barefoot Barbaloots
    Come play in our Truffula tree grove and enjoy our pretty lights!

  6. The Bizarre Bazaar
    The Bizarre Bazaar is a mobile oasis aiming to provide weary burners with a place to recharge on their journeys. Please come by to sample our coffee and shine creations, smoke hookah, find a curiosity in our secret shop, or simply take a nap in one of our comfortable hammocks! Enclosed in our main tepee we will have a comfortable hookah lounge, and ribbons and flags will reach down from the tepee top to a semi-circle of tripods and booths. In one booth, our IRL barista intends to bring her coffee crafting equipment for morning refreshments, and our shine squad will take over the same booth in the evening for beverages of a different sort. A separate booth will be a curiosity cabinet where visitors can find unusual items, and a third will have stickers and other swag designed by our camp artist.

  7. The Black Lodge
    A Twin Peaks themed camp with a full tiki bar! We're a close-knit group of GA burners and this is our second TTM. We'll be doing a bar camp and serving tiki drinks like Hurricanes and Mai Tais.

  8. Brownie Brothel
    "Fuck your waistline," call the denizens of the Brownie Brothel, purveyors of the most titillating gourmet baked goods this side of Default Camp! Come by our boulangerie of iniquity to hang out and consume too many calories regardless of your dietary restrictions! We've got you covered. And if ya wanna, let your friendly neighborhood cookie pimps teach you a little brownie-based lesson about how sexy consent can be. Full-service available Friday/Saturday noon-6pm or by appointment. We'll leave the red light on for you.

  9. Burning Yacht Club
    As always we will be bringing more than enough Springwater from Black Mountain North Carolina. Are flowing naughty naughty art cart will be in attendance. All weekend till Monday morning we will have our Yacht Club Lounge for all to enjoy! Make sure to swing by Sunday morning 4 eggs and bacon! Chillout Lounge and kitchen feeding hungry burners.

  10. Camp Discordia
    Camp Discordia is home for the art project Perception Pyramid. We will be projection mapping original VJ mixes all night and playing acoustic instruments during the day. Come spot the fnords and Hail Eris! (Or Don't!)

  11. Camp PFA
    Camp PFA was established at 2017 TTM by a bunch of randos in open camping that joined forces to become the most Purely Fucking Awesome camp (and winner of the Flag Hunt). This year we return with some original members and a few new ones, all of whom are Pretty Fucking Awesome. Come chill with us and experience the Pure Fucking Awesomeness of some Pretty Fucking Awesome people!

  12. Camp Polite as Fuck
    CPaF makes its glorious return To The Moon with cheese quesadillas! Come by and seek refuge from the sun for a bit! We love our volunteers - show us your swag! Quesadillas will be served daily from 4-6pm while supplies last!

  13. Camp Quasar
    If you're kid friendly, come camp with and/or hang out with us at Camp Quasar. Bubbles, hoops, shade, and misc magical arts and crafts! In addition to the above description, we'll have a safe and sane but silly, kid friendly place to hang out, do art , play with kid safe flow toys (no fire). Evenings will bring S'mores and stories.

  14. CampSick Fuks
    A chill place to let your inner sick fuk out to play.

  15. Clean Hippies Taste Better
    Clean Hippies Taste Better will be offering you hot and cold water showers and a 12ft hot tub all fed by the river and done so with mother earth's creatures kept in mind. Come clean your bodies, warm up, soak in the hot tub at night (cold by day) and relax under our chill 12x24 canopy. Castille soap only and don’t forget your towels! A relaxing and all ages space to get clean and refresh. There may be a late night disco in the shower. The trailer has three separate shower booths that can be opened to one big open space that could get a lil crazy. Remember our precious 11th principle... don’t be a fuck boi.

  16. Coffee Camp
    We provide hot and frozen caffeinated beverage with a side of great conversation and hang spot. Coffee camp is simple. Iced, blended, hot and flavored caffeine drinks. We love to hang out and meet new and exciting people. Stop by for a playa cup of joe and a friendly smile, we will also be bringing a satellite Mikes Hug Deli.

  17. Do It Less Shitty
    A group of action hippies working together, doing it less shitty. We have swings.

  18. DRAGon

    1. Gender-bending camp that takes PRIDE in exploring sexuality and expression

    2. We're an LGBT & Ally group that likes to explore what gender means to us through drag, conversation, and pop culture. We plan to have some workshops, a clothing swap, and some drag performances. This is our first burn as a camp, we will be small but mighty!

  19. Euphoria in Exile

    1. A placement of Leaders and Diaspora of Euphorians wandering and lost

    2. An attempt to annex a portion of this burn for the free Euphorians that will eventually overthrow the Bourgeois Oligarchs and their Golf Cart hegemony must have a home, and so we claim land rights by .... bureaucracy. Because this is what we're good at.

  20. Headroom
    Come jack your body and tweak your senses with us at Headroom!!! Music, Lights, and Fire!

  21. Heathen Life
    We are heathens

  22. Herhisensua
    Four hand sensual massage surrounded by soft aromas and sounds during the day. Comfy chill space always. Light, lasers and couches at night, beneath a pink parachute.

  23. Holy Catrimony
    Mawwaige, the bwessed awwangement, that dweam wiffin a dweam,  Vaguely cat-themed wedding camp to show our burn virgins how to leave-no-trace camp with style.

  24. Home Skool
    Home Skool will be back again this year with our breakfast burritos Friday morning and pancakes and bacon Saturday morning and the Hippie Cooker (propane fired sauna) operating at select times.

  25. Intergalactic Goodies

    1. "At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark of another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us." - Albert Schweitzer

    2. This camp is our

      attempt to thank all who have lighted the flame within us.

    3. Our camp will

      provide a rest stop and sweet treats. Stop by for a taste of the legendary

      Earthquake Cake (also known as Granny Cake) while it lasts.

  26. Interstellar Trill Goats
    Trill-ass GOATS in outer space.

  27. Martian Playground
    Chill in the psychedelic garage complete with flowy projections, quiet beats and a cuddle zone. Ginger tea served nightly.

  28. McButtStuff Entertainment Emporium
    With a revamped theme towards more music, McButtstuff is back to get weird with all of you! We will still have some times in the evening when we show films, and videos, but this year we also invite you to come dance! We will have a primary focus on music with visual projection accompaniment.  We will mostly still run in the evening but will have some times in the day with music as well.

  29. Me & You
    Me & You brings a cozy chill space for the wandering traveler to hang their hat. Me and You presents an interactive 17 ft dome space, named Collide. Collide is an illuminated and adorned installation for journeymen and women to stumble upon and enjoy, day or night.

  30. Memento Trio
    A village of three close-knit, crystal bound camps: Memento Moebius will entertain you with drinks galore, Memento Lumos gives you lights and art abound, and Memento Serenos will bring you peace and serenity. Come by to have a drink, see something mind-blowing, or just to relax in the peace of a singing bowl. We have two funded art projects housed in our village, the "Fricken Laser Beams", and "Feathered Ear Cuff Class", as well as a full bar in a large public shade structure, an array of singing bowls, a 10x10 LED&fur array and a 4x6 shack lined with glow in the dark paint and LED tools to draw on it.

  31. Mermaid Oasis
    Mermaids will keep you wet with filtered, crystal blessed, & infused water for your burning pleasure. We also hydrate the mind, body & soul of our community through awareness, connection and love. Mermaid Oasis is where you will find chill space, sensual sirens and soulful intoxication.

  32. Moonifestation DreamSPAce
    Does having Divine Goddess Cosmonauts aid you in your dream manifesting sound like a stellar dream? Come let us pamper you at the Moonifest SPAce Station. Passing astronauts will feel right at home in our antigravity chairs and chaise lounge as they breathe in the aromatic atmosphere. We provide several amoonities, such as helping you dream your wishes into reality, essential oil cool wraps, nail painting, and henna tattoos. SPAce service times to be posted at camp. Nebulax with our selection of essential oil mists and cooling sarongs. Have your celestial body decorated with henna designs and have your celestial toes painted with paint that glows. Feeling lost in space? We all are, but at Mehndi Moon SPAce Station we will jettison you into a new orbit of planetary pampering.

  33. My Wife’s Rack
    Come check out My Wife's Rack! See anything that strikes your fancy at our Treasure Chest? Play dress up with us and our selection of fine fun sexy sparkly shiny sheer bright glamorous colorful flashy gaudy costumes, accessories, wigs and hats - find that magical something fit for only you. We are not a costume exchange—although we love donations—instead considering ourselves clothing matchmakers working to make the burn brighter for everyone. At its surface, we offer clothing and costumes as our gift to the burn. Wearing something that makes you feel good changes the way you carry yourself and interact with people: confidence looks amazing on everyone! We offer the chance to explore different facets of your personality through clothing and play.

  34. Neptune Ninjas     
    Join us for TTM talks, demos, noodle battles, tai chi, henna art & animal totem readings. The Ninjas are ready for anything! This is our 3rd year at TTM and we enjoy hosting our TTM talks, tai chi classes & Judo One Move. Please contact Freedom to add your talk to our schedule and share your knowledge.

  35. Off Comm
    Salty AF.

  36. Pizza Palace
    Slice and the gang create custom made personal pizzas. Action hippies talk about everything and anything. TTM is our off burn, so we will not be having set pizza service.

  37. Queers Next Door
    We're just your friendly neighborhood queers! Come relax in our living room! We are a camp from Atlanta of queer-folk. We practice radical inclusion and acceptance.

  38. Ra! 
    Home of the Officially Underfunded and Overworked Weather Team, we are a 100% solar powered camp that offers charging for your small devices. Our bright beacons (chandeliers) hang high in the trees to help lost hippies not be quite as lost. We are also home to the Ministry of Silly Dance! It’s a silly dance party y’all!! Stay tuned for the dates/times. Brian will have the Letters from Home mailboxes with postcards, come send one to a special someone, or your "future self".

  39. Rainbow Unicorn Kitten Community of the Sassy Cats (RUKCUS)
    We are an interactive adult camp.

  40. Renegade Sound
    One trailer, one tent, PA system and 2-4 humans. More of an RV placement, with PA system than theme camp.

  41. Sangria & Popsicles  
    A Euphoria 2017 refugee camp. We'll be providing and walking around with Several varieties of Sangria and Otter pops, the perfect thing on a hot sunny day!

  42. Shameless
    Shameless is a LBGTQWERTY friendly camp and we are truly without shame. There isn’t much that someone from our camp will not do for your entertainment! Shameless is a Sex-Positive, love-filled theme camp …. Plus we drink a LOT.

  43. Spacecamp 
    We like LEDs, and being cool.

  44. Triple Expectation Sound Lounge
    Triple Expectations is planning to have a large tent to provide shade in the day, and a clothing optional place for adults to hang out later in the evening.

  45. VooDoo Gypsies  
    Voodoo Gypsies present the VooDoo Lounge. Come by and relax for awhile. No shirt cocking on the furniture. We have also brought along our ultimate creation, a life size VooDoo doll, just waiting for whatever wishes, or curses, you might dream up. But be warned it is said that those who use VooDoo to exact their own revenge will reap nothing but sorrow for their efforts.

  46. Where?House
    If you don’t know you better ask somebody. Back again the Where?House returns. Bringing you great music, atmosphere and cocktails. So come shake your butt, or plant it on one of our couches. Camp is slightly larger in infrastructure size than last year. We will have two themed happy hours. Themes to be announced. There will be an interactive art piece. It will be another b&w tapestry with markers to color it in. We will have music to and lights. Etc. typical Where?House shit.

  47. You Are Beautiful
    You Are Beautiful Camp recognizes the divine beauty in all of us, shared through a smile, a conversation, music, dance, laughter, and play. Come enjoy a beautiful moment with us, and help us perceive even clearer how amazing you are. Remember: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL This camp is a safe space to unfold your true beauty and to be loved and accepted. We feature whimsical art, relaxation, connection, and playful jubilance.

  48. Zentopia (Cuddle Camp)
    We are a beautiful place where zen and cuddles rule. Come here for yoga, acro yoga, and mediation. We strive for authentic relating and tantra connecting us at a human level, beyond our own masks, layer and filters.

  49. Interstellar Trill GOATs
    Trill-ass GOATs in outerspace. Come bleat with us! We may not be a sound camp, but we will be yelling out loud in space, the question is, will it make a sound? Don't travel to the moon without something in your tummy. Come fuel up for your journey on Friday morning at our Goatmeal bar, serving up oatmeal with a variety of eclectic toppings, and some sweet space juices (coffee or tea). Accentuate your beauty at the Flower Crown workshop on Saturday and we'll be serving up Bloodymoonies and Moonmosas Sunday afternoon. Climb up and chill in our Lazy Goat Lounge, cuddle up in the UFO, or catch a ride on the Cosmic Express, which all call ITG home. Follow the electric jellyfish and love one another. This year is bound to be the Greatest Of All Time!!


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