To The Moon 2020 :: BOD Mentor Program ::

🌙Congratulations Moon Bosses!🌙


In order to preserve our intentions and energies we choose to invoke in the TTM experience, we are bringing in 3 new Moontees to join our BOD family as a non-voting entity for the 2020 Board Mentorship

As To The Moon is growing, our leadership teams are also evolving as organically and seamlessly as we can imagine. From year 1, with only three members on the BOD who pretty much wore all the hats, to now year 5... We are blessed to have such a strong and intensive crew of leaders that have helped launch this baby burn into adulthood.


Our Board now consists of 5 members , 2 of which will reach their 5 year term limit this year. In the past we have elected board members internally and through community vote.

This year we are doing something different.

We will operate with 5 acting BOD members + 3 mentees learning the ropes and fine tuning our flow


We pride ourselves on our individuality in the Regional Network - To The Moon has quickly become a new and different Burn in the South East, even becoming a favorite nation-wide.

TTM has been primarily brought to fruition through a fierce Feminine force equally strengthened by our incredible Masculine counterparts and all those in between.


We intend to protect and perpetuate our Feminine, Earth (&Moon) centered essence - our commitment to growing community, improving our planet and making it possible for us Earthlings to reach the stars and achieve something great.


 :: With that, we Welcome our newest Moon Bosses ::


Johnnie Waddell - "Johnnie 5"

Erin Grubbs - "Bubbles

Elaine Pastor - "BluntQueen