Open Elected BOD Membership Seat

Ashley Abbott Maynard (Bones) was elected by you as our 5th BOD member and we couldn't be more excited to welcome her on board! 

So you're interested in joining the board of To The Moon....awesome! A good board is crucial to the success of our event. While team leads and event leads are in the trenches making the event go, the board is responsible for shepherding our event through the year and making the long-term decisions to ensure To The Moon will last for years to come. As such, it's a different role with different skill sets needed. Serving on the board is a year-round commitment; the good news is you have time to play during the burn as your work is already done!

Some of the things the board handles include

  • strategic planning

  • community and governmental outreach

  • financial planning and management

  • legal compliance, communications

  • budgeting

  • selection of event leads and oversight of event planning

  • securing land and negotiating with landowners

  • contracting for critical infrastructure such as porto-potties and golf carts

  • contracting for critical paid staff such as medics and security personnel

  • obtaining event insurance, and other unglamorous but utterly crucial areas of emphasis.

As such, while our board has no hard and fast requirements to be a member, we heavily prefer people with a background and skill set that enables them to competently help manage some if not all of these matters. Burners who want to volunteer their skills to the burn and which are accountants or financial analysts, PR consultants, lawyers, administrators, or other professional fields often find that the board is where they can make the greatest potential contribution.

Don't let that intimidate you, as you don't have to handle it alone; as an ongoing event To The Moon has much of this in place, and as a small event we've found that smart people with common sense can usually find a way to make things happen.

The current, appointed, BOD consists of
appointed members:

Gabi Stewart (Vice President)

Brad Tomlinson (Treasurer)

Andrea Kerns (President)
Dusty Lashes 

elected members:

Ashley Abbott Maynard (Secretary) 

The candidates were:

NancyDawn Phillips (CrimsonDawn)

  • 8+ burns attended

  • Business management degree

  • No BOD experience… yet

  • Cub Scout leader for 5 years

  • Lamplighter, LNT, and Theme camp leadership at other burns

  • Event / Project Managements

  • Multitask Administrator

  • Accounts receivable and payable

  • Can devote 5-10 hours per week to the board year-round

“I am a team player and like to make things happen in a collaborative manner.”
“To be honest I have not been to aTo The Moon burn but I have other burns under my belt, Alchemy-7, Euphoria-7, Tranformus-2, Burning Man-2. I feel I come with a clean slate of willing attitude and hope to be apart of something beautiful. The challenges I have seen with boards/teams, is some tend to play all the parts of head leadership and not work together. Then when things don’t go wrong they drop the ball and point fingers insteasnof working together as a team to fix. I feel that with getting a good team is the most valuable component in the success of making anything happen. Teamwork: collaborative, compromise, trust, listening, responsibly, key elements to overcome challenges.”

Terri Fisher

  • 8+ burns attended

  • Broad and diverse background in leadership and in Burning.

  • BOD experience

  • threw an outdoor ticket free event, that was family friendly and outdoor education directed.

  • an intern in college for what was at the time the largest free outdoor festival in the southeast.

  • ALWAYS volunteer at the burns

  • Can devote 5-10 hours per week to the board year-round

“I think the first priority would be understanding the principals and making sure that the organization of the event is tailored to those. Next is understanding events, and how to best keep them organized on site, logistics.”
“My skillset is somewhere between event operations and overall logistics. I work with insurance companies a fair amount, and I handle onsite stress and tasks well.”


Nathan Burt (Nate tha Great)

  • 1-3 burns attended

  • Contributing my leadership skills and management knowledge

  • Managed profit margins and a staff

  • Ability to keep on track to meet goals and a go getter attitude

  • Skills stretch from building, organization, problem solving, cooperation, and lending a hand where I’m needed

  • Can devote 5-10 hours per week to the board year round

“To The Moon is my home away from home along with the people being my burner family. Continue to impact the world with overwhelming positivity and welcoming all. “
“I’m a great listener and eager to learn”

Elaine Pastor

  • 1-3 burns attended

  • Professional experience managing a medical facility, supplies,training, budget, staffing and state compliance training that could be useful for the event

  • Timeliness,documentation, level-headed judgement in high intensity situations, respect of privacy, innovative and creative problem solving, as well as community outreach and involvement

  • BOD experience

  • Serves in an employee-led board of directors at a non-profit organization which specializes in educating and caring for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities

  • Ranger experience and year round burner events and fundraisers

  • 10+ years management experience including marketing and community outreach-BBB,COC,etc.

  • 3+ years triage and emergent care hands on and management experience

  • 3+years psychiatric nursing and management in psychiatric field

  • Studied agricultural management and mechanics, Diploma in nursing and I manage nurse's and clients at a major facility that deals with education, medical care and community involvement

  • Ability to assess and delegate, negotiate and gregariously neutralize high intensity situations.

  • Also, I know how to have fun

  • Very, VERY, good at reading and de-escalating high intensity situations and maintaining crowd control during crisis-especially in vulnerable populations that are likely to riot/become violent-and I do this without the use of force or threat

  • Can devote 5-10 hours per week to the board year round

“I passionately believe in what TTM is and represents and I want to see it blossom into the beautiful community celebration everyone wants.”
“It's Accepting and Exceptional
it's Educating and enlightening
It's the greatest social experiment that succeeded because of a unified love of freedom, and self expression.
There is just too much to this, that makes this a beautiful part of the community that I can't list it all here, or in one day.”

Ashley Abbott Maynard (Bones)

  • 4-7 burns attended

  • Passionate about this burn and want to do whatever I can to help make it the most wonderful event possible

  • No BOD experience… yet

  • 2nd year as the TTM Greeter lead

  • Volunteered as a lamplighter, greeter, tbase, ranger, and TCO

  • Served as a lamplighter, LNT, sanctuary, and TCO at Transformus

  • Vice-Chair of the Blount County, TN Democrats

  • Organizer for the Knoxville Women's March and am a founding member of the resistance group Indivisible East TN

  • Crowd Management

  • Administration

  • Artist Management

  • Crisis Management/ Emergency Planning

  • Project Management and Delegation

  • Event Operations

  • Can devote 5-10 hours per week to the board year round

“I believe wholeheartedly in the culture and mission of TTM and what we, as a community, want to bring to this world.
I feel the ultimate goal of any leader should be to create more leaders.”
“I want to do better and be better. I'm easy to talk to. I'm not embarrassed or upset easily. I really like to color code things. I'm a good communicator.I'm blunt and honest and expect the same in return. I love to have fun. I'm extremely diplomatic. I'm super organized. I love to learn. I'm thick skinned. I love to create. I'm focused. I clearly understand things I need to work on in my life. I won't commit to anything that I know I can't do well.
I like to live by the motto from Dr. Maya Angelou:
"When you get, GIVE; When you learn, TEACH."

Joseyri Guerrero (Chachi)

  • 4-7 burns attended

  • Would love to use my knowledge for the development of this burn's future.

  • No BOD experience… yet

  • Held various volunteering roles at burns, and have been in charge of small collectives/groups throughout my work experience

  • Ability to keep my team motivated through good communication and accountability

  • Work in Production for Live Nation, I'm part of the sales/marketing team for a Martial Arts brand, and have been a Martial Arts instructor for more than 15 years. I also have some experience in web design & social media.

  • Can devote 8-10 hours per week to the board year round

“I've always wanted to reach for the moon and I think this is an opportunity to get there. I believe we can impact the default world in a positive way because wherever a strong community like ours sets foot, no matter the location, we have the ability to encourage and spread change through the 10 Principles we follow. “