Art Grant Application
Art Grant Application
heART At The Core

No idea is too big or small - we have the space to accommodate art cars, launch pads, rocket ships and blimps!   
Combine forces with others and go even crazier! We believe everyone has a talent, and challenge you to share it on the surface of the Moon 🌙

We encourage you to embrace your inner Van Gough, drop your inhibitions, especially if you don't consider yourself creative,and paint the town rainbow with us! Hang a tire swing, set up a lounge area, offer foot scrubs or Tarot Readings - bring a telescope and create a space station camp complete with starseed earthlings and constellation map! 

Art Support Tickets are sold for $150 - will gain you regular entry with the extra $50 on top going straight to our Art Grant Fund this year! 

Need more ideas? Click on the image and check out some of the amazing installations at Burning Man and get inspired!

Art Grant Application 

We hope to be able to distribute several large scale grants alongside other creative endeavors to help fill the fields in our new home!


A work of art is above all an adventure of the mind" -Eugene Ionesco

✨ Tuesday, 7/13: Art Grant applications will go live HERE 

✨ Sunday 7/31 | midnight: Art Grant applications close

✨ 8/9-8/13: Art Grants are distributed