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2017 Art Grant Recipients
We are beyond thrilled to announce every Art Grant Applicant, who is also a ticket holder, has been awarded a grant (at least partial)! 
Total awarded so far: 
$9,477.50 !!!
(including Effigy & Temple)
Art Carts What What!
by Alannah "sole" Tomich

Have you arrived on the moon and want to start en-
joying burny art projects but still have to unload and
build your camp? Have a lot to haul to get your camp
packed-up but your car might get stuck in the mud?
The Acrodesiac Lunartics (AcroYoga camp) presents
ArtCarts, decorated mobile art pieces for all your camp
gear transport needs with heavy duty wheels for the
mud. To help you arrive on the moon with ease and
color and burner spirit. Come check out our elemen-
tal designs. Lets be gentle on the meadow (leave no
trace) and come borrow an ArtCart from our stand.

by Caitlin and Sassy Noodle
The Bizarre Bazaar
by Robert Blew

Ooooo we flying in the spaceship, back to the basics,
back to the matrix. Strictly constructed of cardboard
and awesomeness. Crawl in through the space hole

and be blasted off into another dimension. My space-
ship is equipped with comfy, cushy, pillows to sit and

relax and gander up at the nicely painted glow in the
dark stars thatll make you feel as if space really is
surrounding you. Feel the interstellar vibes from the
ambient music that will be playing throughout the
night when the sun goes down and the moon comes
out. Come BLAST OFF.

"A theme camp featuring a 20 ft tall teepee in the
center that provides a cozy space for wandering burn-
ers to take respite from the stress of the burn and
smoke hookah in a comfortable lounge. Nearby, they
can enjoy the booths that make the "Bazaar" part of
our camp, including our "secret shop" for undisclosed
curiosities, art booth for the viewing of camp-member-
made trippy art, a distillery for a sampling of flavored
moonshines made by camp members, and an artisanal
coffee bar for a selection of espressos, cold brews, lat-
tes, and the like.

The Blue Box
by Jessica Logan

A full scale replica of the Doctor Who TARDIS.

Clean Hippies Taste Better
by Erick Bixler/ MavErick Cadabra
Come wash away your woes at camp clean hippies
taste better. We will be providing 2 hot/cold wa-
ter showers, hot/cold pools, and a chill dry space to
change and regroup before you blast off around the
moon again. Join us Friday night and sat night at
1am and again Sunday at 10pm for our shower disco
party. All the steamy showers in one big room for 2
sweet hours. Get clean or get weird. Just clean up the mashed potatoes when youre done..
by Aaron Averill
Enter the capsule. Experience the universe falling away as you are bathed in rhythmic changing lights.
Meditate and look inward, or enjoy with a friend or two.
Cosmic Express
by Willow Gaia
Float along with the GOATs! Ride on the majestic
cosmic farty cloud. Greatest of all Time; Moon tours
and exhibitionists daily!
Dream Weaver Manifestation Station
Holly Hamel - Mother Superior
"We all have our own life to pursue, our own kind
of dream to be weaving, and we all have the power
to make wishes come true, as long as we keep believ-
ing." – Louisa May Alcott The Dreamweaver Mani-festation Station is a giant dreamcatcher interactive
art piece that works through the Law of Attraction.
You, the Dreamer, are offered an opportunity make
an intentional wish for your hearts truest desire. The
Intenders Circle will add our powers of manifestation
to your dream, with the caveat that all is in the
best interest for YOU and your journey. Be sure to
send feedback of your manifestations coming true to!
Cutie Clinic
by EVP Grace Tsaritsa
Oooo pretty pastel colors! But wait...this is kinda
creepy. That’s the whole point of our happy hospital,
taking uncomfortable topics like chronic and mental
illness and making them refreshingly kawaii. This inter-active installation is based around the Japanese street style Menhera, also known as yumekawaii or "sick cute". We invite you to look at our magical pieces,
make your own get well soon cards, or hang out in our
cuddly stuffie pool. Remember: your health should be
your first priority!
Elemental Pillars
by Andi Glytch
The EleMENTAL pillars will tower above and look
over us all, turning nature into interactive visual art!
Our four elemental symbols will stand tall for most of
our journey and eventually burn with the fire of the
by Aaron Robbins
Tapestries made out of old sheets from thrift stores.
We use a technique that we call faux batik. We use
washable glue to create an image then paint it with
acrylics. The fabric is then washed out, so that any-
where there was glue remains white. The resulting
image looks like batik, tie dye and stained glass.
Eons of Neon: The Fluoresciverse
by Tyler Key, TzKey ( Beast)
A  fluorescent, black-light-reactive mural. Imagine standing in a circular room, the sky is your ceiling, the walls are 8 feet tall with mesh screening, covered in murals, bathed in black light, and in the middle of the room are blankets, pillows, inflatable couches and chairs, and bean bags.
The Euphoria Temple
by Patrick Murphy
We built the temple for Euphoria, but unfortunately
Euphoria didn’t happen :( We want to share our tem-
ple with burners, and hope to be able to burn it at To
The Moon!
Fricken Laser Beams
by Larry Kresse
Beams of light that will scan across the tree line at a
speed such that humans only see pulsating planes of
multicolored light, extending into the horizon.
Fricken Laser Beams
by Larry Kresse
Beams of light that will scan across the tree line at a
speed such that humans only see pulsating planes of
multicolored light, extending into the horizon.
Fly me to the Moon
A large aerial rig decorated with lights.
Hey Y’all: Ain’t Yo Mama’s Front Porch
by Lauren Yanochik and Blake Dunaway
The burner version of a good old fashioned front
porch for your enjoyment. We will have a bar that
serves all the sweet tea you could want and more,
all the southern snacks we grew up on, and music
of all genres from the great state of Georgia; we will
even try to accommodate requests. We will have an
illuminated marquee that will list our featured drinks
and snacks daily. Come sit with us, either under the
porch surrounded by flowers and candles, or by our
fire, and share your best "southernisms" on our inter-
active art project which will consist of a free-standing
three panel display blank map (because we also wanna
know where y’all from). Sharing a little southern com-
fort is our goal, and we hope to see all y’all on the
Heart Melt Café
by Katie Gentner "Kitty"
Share a sweet and refreshing ice cream sundae with a
new person! To participate take a number and wait to
be served! Feel free to join the audience and witness
all of the heart melting moments!
Open Daily: 1-3pm, and 8-11pm
(Lactose-free vegan ice cream available upon request.)
Heart Melt Café
by Katie Gentner "Kitty"
Share a sweet and refreshing ice cream sundae with a
new person! To participate take a number and wait to
be served! Feel free to join the audience and witness
all of the heart melting moments!
Open Daily: 1-3pm, and 8-11pm
(Lactose-free vegan ice cream available upon request.)
Jellyfish Umbrellas and Flying Squids! by
Elaine Pastor
We have electroluminescent jellyfish umbrellas for
night use and we are purchasing large jellyfish kites to
fly mid-day with a group squid/octopus/jellyfish field
frolicking. The umbrellas will be available for others
to use and return.
Mehndi Moon SPAce Station
by Peaches (Dawn Strickland) and Emi Piez
Divine Goddess Cosmonauts aiding you in your space
travels sounds like a stellar dream come let us make
it come true at the Mehndi Moon SPAce Station.
Passing astronauts will feel right at home in our anti-
gravity chairs and chaise lounge as they breathe in
the aromatic atmosphere within the SPAce Station.
The Station will provide several amoonities while aid-
ing those extraterrestrials bravely participating in the
Dream Weaver Manifestation Station. Nebulax with
our selection of essential oil mists and cooling sarongs.
Have your celestial body decorated with henna designs
and have your celestial toes painted with paint that
glows. Feeling lost in space? We all are, but at Mehndi
Moon SPAce Station we will jettison you into a new
orbit of planetary pampering.
Paint by Burners
by Olivia Holladay
Come paint on the canvases! Free range to paint
whatever you want! Add to what other burners have
started! Lay the foundation of the master piece that
will be added to every burn!
Patchwork Tee Pees
by Rachael Marshall
I created Patchwork teepees to bring special energy to
the space, experience special moments with the peo-
ple around me, and to create space to open people up
and be free to express themselves through the beauty
of art. The traditional teepee was not only an efficient
structure, but also a symbolic expression of humanitys
relations with the natural and spiritual worlds. Espe-
cially in the case of ceremonial teepees, the process of
obtaining hides and poles was and is shaped by prayer
and ritual guidelines. Symbols and story drawings were
often painted on both the interior and exterior of the
teepee, and these drawings were often the expression
of visionary experiences. Like the Buddhist stupa or
the Hindu mandir, the space created by the teepee
is itself symbolic of the wider cosmos: time and the
seasons, space and the four directions are associated
with the circular floor space of the teepee. In its circle
are structured many of lifes activities, from the most
mundane to the most sacred. The circle of the teepee
is a profound symbol of the interdependence of all
of life. I have built the teepees for everyone to come
and create space in and share with everyone else to
collectively build energy that will grow and resonate
through the burn.
Perception Pyramid
by Bryan Bell
"Oh, we flood your eyeballs, over, overload your, uh,
your earballs, I give you patterns and swirls of color,
and, uh, makin you feel better and better, yeah, the
power of using light to, uh, to enhance consciousness
and alter consciousness is the tricks Im using now,
and, so far, theyre legal." -Tim Leary
The Pussy Palace
by Sara Wright
We will be providing a Playful Kitty Fun-house for
all ages. The structure will include: - Rooms you can
crawl through - Giant oversized cat toys (ex: giant
bubble wands, rubix cubes) - Large slide designed as
a cat tongue coming out of a cat head - A cozy kitten room with furry walls - Porch lounge area
Color changing light features - Covered
cuddle puddle pit room - Scratching and massage post
Space Dome
by Rania Glass / Scarlet
A temperature-regulated "chill space" for wayward ac-
tion hippies to relax, make conversation, and cuddle
with our assorted floofs under the watchful eye of the
Star City
by Trinity White and John LaCount (Sphinx and Teddy Bear) Tree
An exploratory space within the trees made out of
several tentsiles and sacred geometry hoop art.
Swing, swang, swung
by Evans Manrique
Swings for adults to feel like kids again.
Yarn Doll Moon Spirits by Thomas
OConnor and Caleb Franklin
A cozy interactive art installation with a make-your-
own yarn doll crafting station for others to take and
leave dolls, make and gift yarn creations. There are
plans for large rope scultptures imitating yarn dolls
surrounding a large area with rugs, pillows, piles of
yarn, string, safety scissors, beads, and charms to cre-
ate. there will be walls where you can hang them,
along with long may-pole like strings to clothespin
dolls for gifting tree purposes.
Where my Beaches At?!
by Aaron Shugart-Brown/Dorothy Verbick /Dave Maynard
This interactive art installation is a beach style dou-
ble seating chair elevated at about 12 ft off the
ground, complete with plenty of amenities that will
bring the attitude and playfulness of the beach TO
THE MOON. Imagine yourself watching the ocean
(river) of people mull about, throw down your rescue
rope and make the buddy system come alive. Styling
out under the umbrella our beach tower comes with
all the fun in the sun that you would ever dream
up! Complete with Zinc Oxide, Mounted Beach Um-
brella, Hand Crank Weather Radio, Bulletin Board
(missed connections, lost and found, general infor-
mation), Megaphone, Life Preserver, Costume Chest,
and Binoculars. Take notes on the clipboard, Spot a
new friend, and throw the lifebuoy - we are proposing
a fully immersive experience that promotes taking on
the responsibilities of being a lifeguard at a burn. The
11 principles and a map will be posted on the struc-
ture. These stations can also be used by the Rangers
for safety purposes if needed.
Sunday TTM Temple
by Michael "Lunar" Luber and Matthew Horner
We would like to introduce the ElemenTemple! This is
where Fire, Water, Earth and Air, join with the Spirit,
brought together through an eclectic collaboration of
art! This will be in the lower level. From the ground
to the sky will be the connection of the creation, the
universe and all, sending a beacon of light into the sky.
The ElemenTemple burn will be at dusk/dark:30 Sun-
day evening, so please plan on hanging out to send
her to the skies and back.
Please feel free as always to write your dreams and
wishes, anything you want to take in or let go of, and
if you would like to keep them private, there will be
paper to write on that will remain confidential, that I
will hang in the temple before we send it up. See ya’ll
on the MOOOOON!!!!
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