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A Tennessee Regional Burn )'(
Catoosa Event Center, Allardt TN

To The Moon



Beloved Lunartics, it's with heavy hearts that your TTM Event Leads and Board of Directors announce that, after much consideration of all the potential ramifications and ways we might try to do this, we've come to the conclusion that there's no way we can hold an event this fall that is safe for participants, their families and communities, and our host community. To The Moon is once again postponed; our desire to keep our burn family and the greater community safe has to outweigh our desire to come together. We will be working on ways to hold smaller, safer gatherings between now and summer 2022, when we hope to once again be able bring our whole family home.

We know you have lots of questions - please be patient while we work out the details of cancelling an event so close to when we had hoped to be able to hold it. Watch for another, more detailed announcement from the Board in the next few days.

Stay safe out there, and remember that the moon shines even when you can't see her.

from your Event Lead team: ATL, Beastmode, Critter, Mango and Pocket