A Tennessee Regional Burn )'(
Catoosa Event Center, Allardt TN
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✨To our Beloved Mooninites, Lunartics, and resilient comMOONity,✨

As most of you know, the current public health crisis is unprecedented in modern times and due to the developing restrictions and mandated measures concerning COVID-19, your Board and Event Leadership Team - as responsible stewards of our comMOONity and event - must prioritize the health and safety of our participants and families.

With heavy hearts, the board of directors and the event leadership team have unanimously decided to postpone this year’s TO THE MOON event until June, 2021.

Unfortunately, it is very likely we would not be allowed to hold the event even if we continued planning for it. While we’ve already spent significant funds on land, insurance, and other costs, we have to make the responsible decision to ensure community safety, as well as the long-term solvency of the organization. To be completely transparent and forthright, while we're committed to offering refunds due to the situation, we're a small grassroots organization that keeps minimal reserve funds and we really appreciate your continued support and investment.

There are many factors in play, and rescheduling for later in 2020 is simply not feasible. However, we are keeping our current leadership team in place and will use this time to make To The Moon 2021 even more phenomenal.

So, where do we go from here?

⭐ ALL current tickets held will be valid for To The Moon 2021 !!

This is a great opportunity to go into next Burn season with a secured ticket -

You now have an entire year to work on planning and prepping your projects!

⭐ If you do not want to hold on to your ticket, PLEASE consider trying to rehome them to friends or family who plan on attending TTM 2021.

All current tickets will be valid and do not need to be transferred through Eventbrite. Each ticket has a specific ticket code - We scan codes, not names, so it doesn’t matter who bought the original. Be kind and courteous and do not try to upsell. Face value only.


⭐ In good faith, we will offer REFUND requests for a certain period due to the probability of financial stresses within our community.

We are conditionally waiving our no refund policy for those in need - but will not be able to process requests until May 2020. We kindly ask for patience and compassion towards our leadership team to be able to get all our ducks in a row and our refunding processes smoothed out. -- All ticket holders will be notified via email next month with your next steps towards ticket holding & refunding. -- Please wait for email with detailed process before requesting a refund.

⭐ Reasons why you should hold on to your ticket / or rehome individually :

• If you request a refund through Eventbrite, you will not be refunded the ticket fees

• You will not have to stress about ticket sellout next year!!

• We will be increasing our capacity for TTM 2021, and along with that increasing ticket prices as well. If you refund your ticket now, and decide to buy another ticket in 2021 you will end up paying sales fees x2 plus the added increase of ticket price.


This is not a decision we’ve made easily or lightly. Each of us has already put months into the planning process for this year’s To The Moon! This is just as disappointing for us as participants as it is as volunteers and leaders. However, this is the decision we have to make for the safety and health of our participants, communities, and the society we live in. We remain committed to burning in our new home of Catoosa Event Center in 2021 when it is safe for us to do so.

🌙 🔥 Until we meet again, wash your hands...often! Take care of your health. Endure and embrace social distancing and follow the recommendations of the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control. Be as resilient and strong as the mighty tardigrade. ❤

We promise you this: no matter how stormy the future looks, the skies will eventually clear. And when they do, and the stars and moon shine their light upon us once again, we will reconvene and launch for the moon, and our journey together will be even greater for the additional time to dream. To The Moon! has become so much more than just a burn.🌛 We’re a community,, and in many ways a family. We are dreamers. We are doers. And we will return to burn brightly together in the Tennessee mountains that we call home.

With all our love,

The Touchbass LLC Board of Directors & 2020 To The Moon Event Leadership Team.

Gem, Nectar, Bradass, Bones, Dusty Lashes, ATL, Beast Mode, Cheesepants, Critter, Mango, and Pocket.